Welcome To My Home (Please Click)

Having a bit of trouble with this theme, so I’m putting up this page to act as a landing page. Of sorts.

To comment, you’ll have to click on a recent post and take it from there. I welcome all comments and questions, except those dealing with porn. New sites seem to be quite a target for porn spammers, don’t they? If porn is such a problem in this modern world, why do those sites have to spam? Aren’t people supposed to be flocking to them like dogs after squirrels? Anyway…

This is my home. A good old fashioned web log. I’m not selling anything here, or looking to buy. But it does seem that on a daily basis something strikes me about Life, the Universe, the Internet, business and the creative life. There’s also the business of cooking, which I seem to make a terrible mess of lately. There was a time when I cooked up a storm and even had a food blog. I have no idea when that skill was replaced for one that sets the oven on fire. This is where I’ll place all those things and connect them to the creative life, including progress made on extinguishing fires in the kitchen.

As my other sites develop, I’ll put up links. On those, I’ll be the saleswoman. Here is where I put on my slippers and let my best thoughts sprawl.

If you like dogs and think they’re better people than most two-legged types, I’ve also got another casual blog called What The Dogs Say. They’re bossy but very smart.